229 graduate from banking school

Post was last updated: October 16, 2017

Commercial banks in the country have been challenged to value integrity and professionalism if the sector’s input to the economy is to remain relevant.

University of Malawi Vice Chancellor, John Saka, made the call in Blantyre on Friday when he presided over Institute of Bankers graduation.

A total of 229 banking students graduated on the day, 21 with advanced diplomas, 80 with diplomas while 128 received certificates.

Saka said the banking sector could turn around the country’s economy if its players value integrity.

He said the industry is at the heart of the financial sector.

“The banking sector supports growth of the economy. It requires individuals of integrity,” Saka said.

Bankers Association of Malawi (BAM) president, Paul Guta, appealed to players in the industry to up their game if the sector is to remain relevant.

“Banking is a noble responsibility on the basis that it is a career in which the society entrusts their finance in our hands. Therefore, above everything else, there should be a value of integrity where we have the duty of care to ensure that the money of our customers grows and that the money is safe,” he said.

Institute of Bankers Chairman, Eric Oautara, said the country’s banking sector is on path of continued growth.

Ouattara said the input of the sector to the economy has remained substantial.

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