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31 Megawatts of hydropower not available this weekend –

Post was last updated: August 5, 2022

Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Limited (EGENCO) says a total of 31 megawatts of hydropower will not be available for supply to the national grid this weekend as Tedzani III unit number 6 will be undergoing maintenance.

The maintenance works have started today and are expected to be completed on 7th August 2022 .

In a statement this morning, EGENCO said this will happen in order to allow for the replacement of worn out shaft seals in unit 6.

“Tedzani III has 2 units of unit 5 and 6 with a combined total of 62 megawatts. The shaft seals for the units are completely worn out to an extent that the generation capacity of each of the units has been restricted to only 25MW to avoid flooding of the powerhouse.

“The work taking place will therefore involve the replacement of the worn out shaft seals only on unit 6 so that the unit can once again begin to produce its 31megawatt maximum capacity,” the company said.

It added that it will continue to run all available diesel power plants in order to mitigate the impact of Tedzani III unit number 6 outage.

Malawi is currently experiencing blackouts that last over six hours a day.

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