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Post was last updated: November 13, 2019

By Imani Wali:

Tereza Ndanga

Tobacco farmers in the country have been urged to be innovative and embrace technology if they are to remain competitive in the sector.

AHL Group Public Relations Manager, Tereza Ndanga, made the call on Friday when the firm engaged some tobacco growers in Lilongwe.

She said the company recently introduced AHL 252 and SMS push messages to assist tobacco farmers follow the marketing trends.

“We are living in a technologically advanced era and farmers should not be left behind,” Ndanga said.

She said the meeting was aimed at reviewing the 2019 tobacco season.

Ndanga then urged the growers to produce the leaf in line with given quotas.

One of the farmers, Baito Batsuman, from Chiunjira village said the growers were still facing numerous challenges.

“Low prices remain a very big challenge affecting tobacco farmers in the country,” Batsuman said.

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