AHL Group sensitises staff to coronavirus

AHL Group sensitises staff to coronavirus

Post was last updated: March 29, 2020

Tereza Ndanga

AHL Group, through its recently established taskforce on coronavirus, has embarked on a series of sensitisation meetings for all its staff members on coronavirus (Covid19).

The meetings are being held across all the four tobacco marketing floors; Limbe, Lilongwe, Chinkhoma and Mzuzu.

The sensitisation meetings are being conducted by health experts from AHL Group clinics and administration officers who were earlier trained by the Lilongwe District Health Office.

Chairperson of the AHL Group Taskforce on Coronavirus, Graham Kunimba, said the meetings have been organised to raise awareness and inform the employees of the measures the company is taking in preventing the spread of the virus.

“Even though Malawi has not registered any Covid-19 case so far, it is important that every AHL Group employee takes the outbreak seriously and follow through with all preventive measures that the company has put in place,” explained Kunimba.

Among others, the company is enforcing a strict adherence to hand washing with Chlorine water and use of sanitisers throughout the day.

AHL Group Public Relations Manager, Teresa Ndanga, further explained that the engagement on coronavirus was one of the many initiatives that the company is undertaking as it prepares for the 2020 tobacco marketing season.

“As a marketplace for tobacco in Malawi, we would like to ensure that the place remains safe for all stakeholders. We have so far procured all the necessary supplies that would help in both prevention and scanning to detect high fevers amongst all market users.

“Our clinical staff i s following through with all the WHO recommended measures to help in fostering the Malawi government policy in preventing the spread of the virus. Players in the tobacco industry are also working together to ensure that testing for coronavirus is accelerated where need arises,” Ndanga said.

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