Auditors urged to move with time

Post was last updated: November 28, 2016

The Institute of Internal Auditors in Malawi (IIA Malawi) has urged internal auditors in the country to always seek new knowledge in the field for them to effectively perform their duties in the ever-transforming world.

One of the directors in the IIA Malawi Board, Pike Mtumbuka, said the auditors need to fully understand what is expected of them to be on top of things in their respective organisations.

Mtumbuka said this on Friday when IIA Malawi presented certificates to 17 internal auditors who have undergone a one-week IIA Global course in internal auditing.

“We are looking at so many things that are changing in the auditing profession. We are no longer addressing the same issues all the time.

Things are changing, our business environment is changing.

“So, these courses help us understand in terms of changes in business environment, the risks that are there and also the vulnerability of businesses which keep on changing.

“So, for the auditor to add value to an organisation, they have to be  aware of the changes otherwise people will end up saying the audit profession is irrelevant,” Mtumbuka said.

IIA Malawi Vice President, Thokozile Mushani, who was one of the course facilitators, said the programme was designed to refresh the minds of internal auditors.

“Some of the participants are new in the field and we wanted to let them know what the profession is all about and what they ought to do to perform well in the profession.

“Some are not new but they were supposed to be reminded of what the profession is all about and learn some new things in the field of internal auditing,” Mushani said.

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