Be creative, budding entrepreneurs urged

Post was last updated: September 3, 2019
CHALLENGED—Manyozo interacting with participants

Entrepreneurs in the country have been challenged to be creative and innovative if they are to have lasting businesses.

Martin Manyozo, Director of Creative Minds, said this during an entrepreneurship training the organisation held for new and established entrepreneurs on Saturday.

Manyozo said entrepreneurs have to see every problem the country faces as a business opportunity.

Manyozo said it is unfortunate that many businesses do not survive in the country because entrepreneurs lack skills to run businesses as separate entities.

“Most of the small-scale businesses are not registered which makes it difficult for them to secure necessary funds for their businesses. They do not even have business accounts. How can they secure loans from banks? In the end they start today two three years they are gone.” Manyozo said.

Most of the people who took part in the workshop have stable jobs but are also involved in some businesses.

Manyozo said it is important for those who have stable jobs to also engage in business saying over-relying on employment is risky.

Various speakers tackled elements of entrepreneurship including most common challenges entrepreneurs face today.

Kondwani Ngwira, Founder of the Project Innovation Centre was one of the key speakers at the workshop.

He said the fact that Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world is an opportunity for massive job creation through entrepreneurship.

Ngwira, however, said most people are engaging in wrong businesses at a wrong time.

“Give a monkey K2 million and a banana, a monkey will choose a banana because it does not know that K2 million can buy many bananas. Here in Malawi, between businesses and vacancies, most would choose vacancies because they do not know that businesses create more jobs,” he said.

Creative Minds organised the workshop in partnership with Step Up and Project Innovation Centre.

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