Biz Malawi launches market Mobile App

Post was last updated: June 25, 2018

Malawi-based online marketing company, Biz Malawi, has released a phone application that allows consumers to search for what they need in market places.

Biz Malawi is the biggest online directory and national search engine. It offers Malawi’s market information at the fingertips.

The company’s Managing Director, Tarang Makhecha, said the application is for Malawian mobile users that are looking for a wide range of services, products, job listings and tender information for both social and corporate events.

He said the app helps to engage with the user as it also shares local and international news, flight schedules and a lot of content.

“The app was designed for everyone that is on the go as it is used as an online directory. It caters to a wide selection of people living in Malawi and for those outside the country that want to be in the loop of what is happening in the Malawian market.

“As for those that want to visit the country, the Biz Malawi app will be essential for them to have, as it will help them identify various options for their travel, for instance, accommodation, public and private transportation and they will be able to find things to do in Malawi with the help of the events section,” Makhecha said.

He further said one of the exciting features is that the app allows one to use coupons.

Makhecha explained that businesses registered on the app can create promotional campaigns that will showcase discounted services or products which can be redeemed by the app users.

“This is the first of its kind in Malawi and we are encouraging users to engage with the coupons as some of the coupons will consist of not only discounted products and services but also free one-time redeemable offers. We have also installed inbuilt pop up notifications that will instantly reach everyone who has downloaded the app as a reminder of what promotions are running from different organisations.

He added: “The response we have gotten from users over the Biz Malawi app has been overwhelming as local businesses are seeing their walk-in footprint increasing due to the coupons. This app is a way to engage with potential and existing clients, as clients are keen to know what is in store for them on the market,”.

The app is free and downloadable for androids and apple users in app stores.

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