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Post was last updated: April 4, 2018

Despite the Buy Malawian initiative the government launched to encourage the use and consumption of products made in Malawi, the appetite for foreign goods still dominates. In this interview, EMMANUEL MULELE, a business coach and mentor, tells GRACE THIPA the inspiration behind an initiative called Proudly Malawian under ServiceTouch.

First, tell us what this concept is all about

As Malawians, we ought to continue to be proud of ourselves believing that we are capable to compete internationally.

What inspired creation of this concept?

Many people have been asking whether ServiceTouch is a franchise. This is because of the choice of the brand name which was created with a lot of inspirational meaning. It is also because of the level of commitment and delivery of value that all ServiceTouch team members have. The brand delivers enhanced trainings and engagement programmes with passion.

What do you hope to achieve with this idea?

Malawians must be afforded equal platform to demonstrate their skills against international service providers. The emphasis has mostly been on “products”. This must visibly extend to “services”.

There have been many concepts pushing for increased use of Malawian products on the market but consumers feel products made in Malawi lack innovation, are poorly made but expensive. Is this something you considered in this project and how do you plan to address this?

Consumers are right. Malawians should not buy a product or utilise service because they are feeling sorry for the provider. Providers must up the game and deliver quality and value so that they compete on the local and world market.

Business should not be ‘given’ rather ‘assigned’ to service providers on reciprocal and mutual beneficial basis. The moment people start giving business to service providers, compromise creeps in. People do not deliver value. They tend to tick boxes.

Do you feel that there is enough support for Malawian-made products?

The fact that much talk is going around, there is sure indication that support is there. We are hopeful to see more of visible action towards this practice both in government and private sector.

Your final comments

Malawians must always be mindful that healthy competition is always good for the economy. The best way to be engaged and to add value to customers is to b

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