Carlsberg celebrates World Child Cancer Day

Post was last updated: February 21, 2017

Carlsberg Malawi says it will continue assisting the government in fighting against cancer that attacks children in the country.

The company’s Marketing Officer, Christian Msukwa, said this during the commemoration of World Child Cancer Day celebration held in Zomba, last week.

The commemorations were held under the theme “Better Access to Care for the Children and Adolescence Everywhere”.

Msukwa said the company started supplying soft drinks to Queen Elizabeth Centre Hospital (QECH) Cancer Children Ward after realising that most children affected with cancer, need soft drinks including juices.

“We know some of these children when they grow up they may be employed by Southern Bottlers, therefore, we started providing them with soft drinks like Sobo Squash 20 years ago in order to keep them healthy,” Msukwa said.

Head of Paediatric Oncology, Dr George Chagaluka, said every child in Malawi who is affected with cancer should be treated in the country.

“There are many signs when a child is affected by cancer, sometimes he/she loses weight, feels headache, stomach pains and vomiting in the morning, therefore when the mother notices these signs, she should rush to the hospital immediately for treatment,” Chagaluka said, adding cancer is curable provided you go to the hospital quickly.

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