Cear prepares for rainy season

Post was last updated: November 15, 2017

Central East African Railways (Cear) has embarked on an exercise to rehabilitate its rail system in readiness for the rainy season.

Cear has said this is being done to avoid a repeat of what happened in previous years when floods washed away rail lines in some parts of the country, disrupting rail movement in the process.

Cear Brand and Corporate Image Manager, Chisomo Mwamadi, said, since 2015, the company has been proactive and its engineers have been on site identifying spots that are prone to damage.

“We have been having difficulties with the line between Nkaya and Kanengo as well as the Limbe-Nayuchi line because of floods. So, what we did was to have random inspections. As a result, in other places we have put in culverts that will allow the free flow of water. In total, we identified 38, 33 of which have been repaired,” Mwamadi said.

He also said that engineers are working on bridges and the drainage system.

“With the work we have done, we assure our customers that our trains will still be in operation during the rainy season. People should be assured that our lines will be intact and we will have no excuses. Both cargo and the passenger trains will be available during this rainy season as opposed to what happened two years ago,” he said.

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