Cheap labour blamed for poor infrastructure

Cheap labour blamed for poor infrastructure

Post was last updated: August 5, 2020

The Malawi Institute of Construction Technicians (Mict) has blamed the poor construction infrastructure in the country to use of cheap and unqualified labour.

Mict Acting General Secretary, Julius Dangaliro, was speaking in Lilongwe on Sunday during a meeting that Mict executive members held with trustees.

Dangaliro said time has come for project developers to prioritise quality and durability in infrastructure above profitability if the country is to move forward.

Dangaliro’s comments come at a time many Malawians have expressed displeasure with the quality of the country’s construction works, especially roads.

“Most of the developers usually sideline qualified technicians, saying they are a bit expensive. But that, in turn, affects the quality of the construction works.

“What we are saying is that for Malawi to develop there is need to have quality infrastructure and that quality can only be achieved if we use well trained personal,” he said.

Dangaliro said his institution will be working with property developers to ensure that qualified technicians are used in various projects.

He also expressed worry over verbal agreements between contractors and technicians which have often times resulted in the technician not being paid at the end of the project.

Dangaliro said Mict would ensure that all the agreements between contractors and technicians are formalised.

A representative of one of the trustees, Mtchindi Msowoya, said the association is crucial in ensuring that there is a healthy working relationship between the technicians and contractors.

Msowoya called upon well wishers to support the association to help it meet some of it’s needs.

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