Chikumbutso Kalilombe resigns as Ecama President

Post was last updated: January 6, 2020

Economics Association of Malawi (Ecama) President, Chikumbutso Kalilombe, has stepped down from his position some 10 months before the expiry of his term.

Kalilombe, who ascended to the helm of Ecama in 2017 confirmed the development Sunday.

He said he is taking an assignment outside Malawi later this month, therefore saw it reasonable to hand over the mantle before this year’s elective Annual General Meeting.

“Lauryn Nyasulu who was in the executive committee will hold the position of president till then,” Kalilombe said.

He observed that his main tasks when he was taking the presidency of the professional body was to make Ecama relevant again as an objective thinktank on economic issues in Malawi.

“That I can say we have managed to do and further administratively we wanted to ensure sustainability and alternative funding sources and I can say we now are in a better position and am sure going forward we will do much better,” Kalilombe said.

Nyasulu asked for a questionnaire when contacted for her vision for Ecama.

Ecama is a professional, apolitical and independent body of economists that encourages open proactive debate and policy dialogue on economic issues.

The association was launched on February 27 1999 as a forum for economists in Malawi and other interested parties who meet to discuss economic issues, provide policy analysis, improve economic management and advise decision makers.

The main function of Ecama is to encourage open and proactive debate and policy dialogue on economic issues among economists, the business fraternity, politicians, public and quasi public sectors in Malawi.

This necessitates close working partnerships with government, parastatals, private bodies, the civil society and other associations.

Ecama draws its wealth from its membership base that originates from the private sector, university, individual economic consultants, government (civil) service, economic experts from parastatals and international organisations and Southern Africa Development Community region.

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