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Post was last updated: May 28, 2019

NTAMBO—We already
export to several countries

Chombe tea was recently awarded certification by Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS). Chombe Marketing Manager, Mirriam Ntambo, said the award speaks volume of a systematic path the brand has taken towards strategic market positioning. Our journalist TAONGA SABOLA caught up with Ntambo.

First give us a hint on Chombe’s current positioning as a brand on the market?

Chombe Foods Limited is a pioneer and market leader in competitive tea brewing industry. But we would like to say we are probably the best as we produce a product infused with industry intelligence from over 12 tea brewing and growing countries. Our production is of the best quality and is done with love.

Chombe Foods Limited is a Malawian owned and driven company and is proudly so. We are proudly Malawian through and through.

Tell us more about the MBS certification?

Chombe was indeed certified by Malawi Bureau of Standards. This means a great deal to us and a great deal to Malawi which has been our support system. Chombe is not Chombe without the people that work to manufacture our products. With this certificate we can export more and be able to cater for the market that has been enquiring after our tea for a while now.

Which export markets are you targeting?

Currently, we already export to several countries in Africa but interest was shown from some Middle East countries as well as Europe. So, we will be exploring that very soon. Tea is a billion dollar industry and is the second most popular drink in the world after water. We at Chombe are so excited to be the pioneers and flag bearers of our locally grown tea which we are proud to say is one of the most loved teas in the world.

Tea is grown all over the world including the United States in states such as Hawaii and South Carolina, but all these countries still find themselves buying from Malawi because our tea is earthy and organic. China is recognised as the birthplace of tea, but Malawi is the best place for tea and Chombe is probably the market leader in Malawi tea.

What other products are you supplying the market?

Currently, we are producing Chombe tea and Chombe rice. To be specific there is Chombe loose tea and Chombe tea bags as well as Chombe super fire and Chombe Kilombero. And just so you know we have many more local products coming your way, produced and manufactured right here in Malawi that we are about to launch. This simply means as Malawians we should be over mediocrity and sub-standard products. Our certificate shows that we manufacture products of the best quality and our standards are international.

Our reason for being a leader in our market is not to boast but to be a pioneer and trendsetter. We are setting the standard for all Malawian owned businesses out there and all this was possible because of the support of Malawians that have been faithful to us.

You know we are so happy to be a part of the economic growth of Malawi. We are working towards a desired goal and its so amazing to see how we as a company are growing and when I say we as a company I mean the people, the growers, the harvesters, the factory workers, the management and everyone else. For us our aim is to assist as many Malawians as we can, whether it be through us employing them or through our CSI, we just believe it is important for us to carry the Malawians that we represent together with us as we grow.

How does the future look like?

The future is bright and beautiful; we are pioneers in this game and will remain so. Watch our new products which will be on shelves soon. This is not just for us as a company but also the nation.

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