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Post was last updated: January 5, 2017

Malawi is in the process of reviewing its Cooperative Policy in a bid to improve works of the movement which have brought about economic independence to communities.

This follows presentations during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) organised by Comsip at the weekend in Lilongwe.

The AGM among other issues discussed ways of improving shareholding and profits.

According to Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Chezani Otaniele, this coincides with the development of a cooperative development strategy.

He said that while government is championing these initiatives, various stakeholders need to join the participatory task so that the policy and strategy conform to their needs.

“Since these will be done in a participatory manner, all cooperators should participate,” Otaniele said.

He added that the two instruments are vital to ensuring that Malawi’s cooperative societies make profits in their operations.

“Government will, therefore, continue to promote the formation, development and revitalisation of all types of cooperatives,” Otaniele said.

Cooperative operations in Malawi are in areas of agriculture, finance, manufacturing, mining and rural livelihoods

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