Digital cameras toughen photography competition

Post was last updated: January 8, 2018

Professional photographers have bemoaned the influx of high definition digital cameras in the country stressing that the development has diluted the photography business.
Professional photographers who spoke to The Daily Times have said, people that are handling such cameras do not have the required expertise but have nevertheless brought stiff competition in the business as they offer cheap services.
Managing Director of Jah Digital Works, Peter Kansengwa, pointed out that business for his company declined in the just ended year.
“The Photography business is shrinking and its future is being threatened by the influx of not only digital camera’s but modern phones that have high resolution cameras. Because of the stiff competition every photographer is cutting on their charges just to be in business,” Kansengwa said.
He singled out private events such as weddings and engagements where the company was hired on almost every weekend in previous years which has completely turn around this time around.
“The youth today who are privilege to own a digital camera are taking up most of the businesses because they do not understand how much those that have been in the business invest to produce high quality pictures or videos and most of them do not know how best to operate the cameras,” he said.
Proprietor of Gabe Photography, Gabriel Simenti, concurred with Kansengwa stressing that business in the industry was a nightmare in 2017 with some unscrupulous customers not honoring their balances.
“Another big challenge that the industry faces is that some customers do not honour their payments, hence it becomes a cost to us as we invest a lot of time and expertise to come up with quality work,” he said.

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