Escom plants trees in Liwonde river banks

Post was last updated: February 3, 2016

The Electricity supply corporation of Malawi (Escom) over the weekend took time to plant trees on the banks of various rivers in Liwonde in Machinga district as one way of protecting the catchment area for the Shire River from which the corporation generates electricity.

Escom board chairperson Jean Mathanga, who led the tree planting exercise, said cutting down of trees along the area has contributed to low power generation in the country.

Mathanga said the effects of climate change can be changed if Malawians could change their mindsets of carelessly cutting down trees and instead embark on tree re-plantation exercises.

“As Escom, we can’t provide electricity to people if we don’t generate enough power. I am therefore urging people along the rivers to continue planting trees regardless of what time of the year it is,” said Mathanga.

“And remember to take care of the trees as you plant more,” she said.

Machinga District Council chairperson, Tailosi Bakili, said his council is working towards the establishment village forestry committees to take a lead in protecting forests and planting trees in villages around the district.

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