Experts for political will on Agenda 2063

Government wants more public opinion on the National Transformation Agenda 2063 plan

Post was last updated: September 16, 2020

Economic experts have called for strong political will if the National Transformation Agenda 2063 is to bring about meaningful change and enhance development.

Minister of Finance Felix Mlusu on Friday presented a K2.2 trillion National Budget which is last to speak to the Vision 2020, a long term national development blueprint, and the Millennium Development Goals 3.

The next financial plan would be crafted in line with aspiration embedded in the National Transformation Agenda 2063 which is being formulated.

The 2020 vision has been highly faulted by experts as a failed blue print because since its launch in 1998, different governments paid a blind eye to it.

Economic think-tank, the Economics Association of Malawi (Ecama) believes that political parties should derive their vision and manifestos from the long term national development agenda, if the country is to progress.

Ecama president, Lauryn Nyasulu, said in an interview on Monday that apart from political will, there should be strong monitoring mechanisms to hold duty bearers to account.

“We need to have a strong monitoring and evaluation system to help us track progress so that when the budgets are being developed, implementation should be critical and by the end of the year, we should be able to see if we have made any strides,” Nyasulu said.

In a separate interview, Dean of Commerce at the Polytechnic, Betchani Tcheleni said there has been lack of ownership of the vision from different stakeholders including the citizens and the private sector players.

“The hope is that in the new agenda, the five year review plans are going to be linked to electoral cycles to make sure that every time people are coming up with their manifestoes, there is also a new strategy document which the manifestoes should be speaking,” Tcheleni said.

National Planning Commission (NPC) , an entity entrusted to champion implementation of the agenda indicates that the development plan will be reviewed every five years.

In its reaction to the National Budget, the NPC says the agenda will clearly define the inclusive wealth creation and self-reliance agenda and expects the upcoming budgets to be guided by it.

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