FDH, Mukuru partner in digital money transfer

Post was last updated: February 19, 2020

By Mike Mataka:

PINTO—FDH is breaking tradition

FDH Money Bureau has partnered money transfer firm, Mukuru to launch a digital voucher redemption service which will see customers redeeming cash vouchers using the FDH WhatsApp platform.

The new service will allow Mukuru customers to redeem money by dialing *525#or using FDH WhatsApp Banking.

The money will be in their FDH Wallet or Ufulu Digital Account or their FDH Bank account.

FDH Money Bureau Manager, Daniel Pinto, said that the innovation will ensure convenience for customers.

“FDH is now breaking tradition, from the old ways of doing things to a digital way of transacting; No more waiting on the line, no need to travel long distances, no need to talk to our tellers, no need to spend money to redeem your money, no need to wait for our outlets to open or even rush to find them open before they close,” Pinto said.

Mukuru Country Representative, Peggy Mhone said this innovation is very secure and convenient.

She said customers can transact in the comfort of their homes.

“Through this service, customers will be able to buy credit, buy electricity units and do other mobile banking transactions,” Mhone said.

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