Firm says committed to reforestation, plants trees

Firm says committed to reforestation, plants trees

Post was last updated: January 25, 2023

Optical Photography on Friday planted 100 trees at Yolodani Primary School in Blantyre to preserve the environment.

The company’s managing director Prudence Kasinja said planting trees is another good thing to do to the society.

Kasinja and one of the leaners (L) planting a tree

She said: “We have made it a priority to educate young learners on the importance of preserving the environment.

“It is our responsibility to set an example and instill the value of tree planting, proper tree care, and environmental protection in communities.”

Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi environmental education manager Auswald Bonongwe said the firm’s commitment in tree-planting is a remarkable milestone to address environmental degradation in the country.

He said: “The school is close to Michiru Mountain, which is highly degraded and is also only remaining with natural trees in Blantyre.

“The initiative will have a positive impact to the school as it faces high levels of degradation due to run-off of water that comes from the mountain. The trees will also provide shade to the leaners as the school has also shortage of classrooms.”

Chilomoni Zone primary education adviser Mirriam Mtukane said it is important to involve school children in tree-planting exercise. “As a zone, we will prioritise this year’s years tree-planting exercise by scaling up the approach to make sure that each school is able to plant more trees.

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