‘Friendly laws crucial for business growth’

Post was last updated: February 5, 2019

By Taonga Sabola:

Attorney General, Kalekeni Kaphale, has said a friendly regulatory regime is crucial for the growth and development of businesses.

Kaphale was speaking in Blantyre Monday on the sidelines of a LLM (Commercial Law) Research Dissemination and Corporate Engagement Conference organised by the Faculty of Law at Chancellor College.

He said small and medium businesses; workers, individuals and big multinationals all require fairness to flourish.

Kaphale said the government is committed to putting in place a conducive environment in which businesses, big and small could thrive.

He said meaningful engagement in the partnership between legal researchers and industry, including practitioners in the private and public sectors is important for the enactment of friendly laws that promote business growth.

“There are obvious starting points for research when we look at our jurisdiction in relation to others.

“Malawi is rated poorly on the World Governance Index, particularly on regulatory quality. It appears that although we have worked hard to pass regulatory laws, implementation and compliance need to improve on all sides.

“Looking at our results in a quest of progressive development is a pragmatic approach in a world that is increasingly globalised, especially in the world of business, where regional and global interconnectivity is inevitable, even when one does not realise it,” Kaphale said.

He said the legal reforms made in this country are wittingly or unwittingly subject to a more complex interconnectedness that we must grasp, if the country is to have sustained growth.

Chancellor College Principal, Richard Tambulasi, said the institution believes that while it is important for them to engage in academic related research, it is more important to disseminate any research findings and engage the industry so that practical solutions can be found.

He challenged the Faculty of Law to look at the possibility of introducing a PhD programme.

“I am sure you have enough potential candidates who would welcome the introduction of a PhD programme in the Faculty of Law. As a principal, I eagerly look forward to the introduction of a doctorate programme from your faculty soon,” he said.

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