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Post was last updated: January 5, 2017

Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has said it will next week finalise testing citric acid and benzoate levels in Frozy, a drink which is manufactured in Mozambique.

MBS banned the drink from the local market saying it contains too much citric acid and benzoate which is dangerous for human consumption.

MBS Director General, Davlin Chokazinga, however said the tests were temporarily suspended due to the festive season holiday but he is hopeful that the job will be finalised soon.

Tests on Frozy followed a visit to Malawi of representatives of the manufactures a few months ago.

The delegation reported that they had changed citric acid and benzoate concentrations in the drink to meet Malawi’s required standards.

“We are concluding the tests but we had to temporarily suspend the process during the festivities. We expect to finalise everything next week and later, we will tell Malawians our position on the drink, whether the chemicals have indeed been reduced or not,” Chokazinga said.

Chokazinga said the Bureau is using state of the art equipment to test the drink to verify if it indeed has the recommended concentration of the chemicals.

He said this will help the Bureau come up with reliable conclusions upon which it will base its decision either to re-admit the drink on the market or not.

Chokazinga, however, could not be drawn to say the exact date the Bureau is to finalise the tests saying laboratory works are unpredictable.

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