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Post was last updated: January 30, 2018

Interpretation of the airborne geophysical data for a possible mineral location in the country is at an advanced stage and its results are expected to be launched in February, the Department of Geological Survey has said.

Malawi conducted a country-wide high resolution airborne geophysical data in 2013, which involved low flying aircrafts hovering over the whole country, in search for high value mineral deposits.

Department of Geological Survey Director, Jalf Salima, on Monday said the department is currently finalising interpretation of the data.

“Recently, we had a stakeholders’ meeting, whereby we released the preliminary results for the interpretation. The meeting was aimed at sourcing input from the stakeholders, so that we finalise our results, ready for a launch, which we expect to take place by mid-February,” he said.

Salima said the results will provide baseline data for companies that lacked capacity to do an interpretation of the data.

He said the results means mining companies that are interested in further details of the findings can acquire the documents and start doing ground follow ups.

“This means that those interested can get the results and apply for an exploration licence and conduct ground follow ups on their own. The investors will be able to get information, which includes mineral content, quantity and economic value of the minerals.

“As the government, we just went a step further to interpret the data so that we provide value-added information to potential investors,” Salima said.

The data was obtained from the survey conducted between September 2013 and August 2014, which involved radiometric and gravity methods

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