Germany gives Malawi €45.3 million

Post was last updated: November 1, 2019

The German government has given Malawi €45.3 million (about K37.3 billion) as part of its development support.

The money will be used in social security, improving health and private sector development in rural areas, among other sectors.

Head of the German delegation to the bilateral negotiation on development cooperation in Malawi, Alois Schneider said the fund is adding to a sum of €91 million Germany has been committing since 2017.

“The result of the negations between the Government of Malawi and our government is that Germany has committed €45.3 million to the republic of Malawi, leading to a total sum of €91.3 million in commitments since last government to government negotiations in 2017”, Schneider said.

Schneider, however, urged the Malawi Government to increase efforts in fiscal consolidation and domestic revenue mobilisation in a social-balanced and business-friendly manner.

Schneider also asked the country to consider making a strong stance in fighting corruption and focus on the implementation of policies, strategies and reforms to promote development and improve transparency and accountability.

The two governments also agreed to manage population growth.

They agreed to create opportunities for young people through investments in health education and jobs.

Secretary to the Treasury, Cliff Chunda said the government was committed to carrying out necessary reforms that are critical to the successful implementation of policies, programmes and projects.

“We will implement the projects and programmes in agreed areas of cooperation for the betterment of the people of Malawi,” Chunda said.

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