Gift of the Givers supports farmers

Post was last updated: December 9, 2015

Gift of the Givers in Malawi has provided 1,400 farming families with input packs containing maize and legume seed, basal and urea fertilisers as well as a hoe to help in the production of food amongst resource poor farmers in four districts of the country.

The project has been implemented in four districts of Blantyre, Zomba, Machinga and Mangochi with a total financial outlay of K17 million. The project is supported by Malawi Relief Fund- UK, Gift of the Givers Foundation as well as some local donors.

The packs contain 10 kilogramms nitrogen phosphorus potassium (NPK), 10 kilogramme Urea, two kilogramme legume and two kilogramme maize seed.

Gift of the Givers chairperson, Abdul Gaffar Jakhura, said the foundation decided to embark on the project after noting that hunger has already hit most parts of the country.

He said the project is aimed at easing food challenges amongst resource poor families.

Apart from inputs, the farmers have also been provided with technical information on how to grow the crops.

“The initiative is aimed at encouraging and improving the living standard of families with a prime intention of making them food secure,” said Jakhura.

He said many families and individuals in Malawi are facing starvation as a result of, among others, floods, dry spells and lack of access to improved farm input varieties that are not only conducive to the ever changing climate but as well as fast maturing.

He described the farmer support project as a pro-poor programme that is meant to uplift the needy farming families to support them with farm inputs Gift of the Givers believes the intervention will contribute positively to the well-being of the underprivileged people by enabling them to be food secure as a long term measure in improving the social life of poor people in Malawi.

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