Government for massive agriculture investment

Minister of Agriculture, Lobin Lowe wants local investors to have equal opportunity to invest

Post was last updated: October 14, 2020

Minister of Agriculture, Lobin Lowe, has urged stakeholders in the agricultural sector to be accommodative and intensify investment projects if the sector’s share to the national economy is to continue growing.

He was speaking on Monday during his visit to Bvumbwe Agricultural Research Station, where he also urged researchers to revamp both livestock and crop agriculture in the country.

Lowe said foreign investors are usually given a chance to invest in most agricultural related businesses.

However, he has said regulations will be put in place to give an equal opportunity for interested local investors.

“We were supposed to be the first to benefit from agriculture. I am encouraging my ministry and all stakeholders in the sector to empower Malawians. We have been focusing on other sectors, for survival. Foreign investors have thus taken advantage and found an opportunity to invest in the agricultural sector. This makes foreigners benefit at the exploitation of our own farmers,” he said.

He then called on agricultural researchers to enhance mechanised production to boost capacity.

Director of Agricultural Research Services, Wilkins Makumba, said most small scale farmers in the country lack resources and technical knowledge.

“We have a lot of technology that we release every year. This goes to the farmers but when it is time to implement the technology, most farmers are not effective,” he said.

Makumba said Bvumbwe Research Station also faces a lot of challenges in service delivery.

He said at the moment, the station has limited labour force.

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