Illovo in malaria open day

Post was last updated: November 7, 2015

Illovo Sugar Malawi Nchalo Estates on Saturday conducted a malaria open day at Mwanza Primary School within its Nchalo estates in Chikwawa district.

The open day was held under the theme, ‘Invest in the future, defeat malaria’.

Illovo Sugar Malawi’s company’s doctor Albert Mkumbwa said the Mwanza area has this year reported high cases of malaria as compared to other areas within the estate.

He said the malaria day was aimed at sensitising Illovo staff on the importance of prevention of malaria by, among other things, using mosquito nets.

“We noted that the high cases of malaria are as a result of lack of awareness on the usage of mosquito nets. We have now done an awareness campaign for one week and we hope to see positive results,” said Mkumbwa.

Chikwawa DHO Amber Majidu said the district as a whole faces high malaria cases because of the Shire River.

“Distribution of malaria in the district follows the Shire River. So long the river is there, the figures for malaria will remain high,” said Majidu.

He said so far organisations such as Illovo are responding to a call of reducing malaria cases in the district through mitigation factors to help improve the situation.

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