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Post was last updated: June 1, 2018

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) has constructed a multimillion kwacha irrigation facility in Dowa District to help farmers improve on food security.

Over 210 small-and medium-scale irrigation farmers under Thawi Irrigation Scheme will benefit from the initiative.

This facility is part of second phase of Jica’s Medium Scale Irrigation Scheme Development, Operation and Maintenance (MIDP II) project.

The project is aimed at enhancing and strengthening capacity of the scheme and improving food security.

MIDP II project Chief Adviser, Doi Yasuhiro, said the project is complementing government and community efforts in addressing food insecurity challenges through capacity building.

“We have selected two model sites in Dowa and two others in Mzimba where we will implement the project,” said Yasuhiro.

Thawi Irrigation Scheme Secretary, Gilbert Kaliwamba, said the facility would help boost food production.

He said improving food security is crucial in addressing perennial hunger challenges.

“This project has also helped us appreciate farming as a business. So, apart from achieving food security, we also expect to earn a living through irrigation agriculture,” Kaliwamba said.

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