Malawi Housing Corporation goes green

Post was last updated: March 21, 2017

Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) has embarked on a tree planting exercise as part of its green campaign to restore vegetative cover.

According to MHC, wanton cutting down of trees has negatively affected its operations. Under the initiative, the corporation is targeting to plant 35,000 trees.

MHC Chief Executive Officer, Eunice Napolo, said the corporation has also put in place a policy not to use burnt bricks as part of efforts to conserve the environment.

She was speaking on Friday when the corporation planted 1,000 trees at Ngumbe in Blantyre.

“We are an organisation which is involved in construction and maintenance of houses and trees are one of our most important raw materials in these exercises. We aim to plant more trees,” Napolo said.

She then reiterated MHC’s commitment to continue planting trees ‘until such a time Malawi retains her vegetative cover’.

“We owe it to the communities we serve to ensure they live in a good environment,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Corporation has deployed a water bouser to water the trees as the rainy season comes to an end.

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