Malawi learns from Zambia on planning

Post was last updated: October 15, 2019

A delegation of officials from the National Planning Commission (NPC), civil society organisations and government yesterday kick-started a study tour of Zambia to appreciate how the country has recorded significant strides in economic development.

The study tour comes at a time Malawi is in the process of crafting a successor plan to Vision 2020, which many agree, failed to meet objectives.

NPC Director General Thomas Munthali who is leading the delegation underscored the need for Malawi to learn from the best if the country is to register positive strides in economic development.

“It is right and proper to learn from other countries on how they have moved ahead in development planning so that we borrow a leaf from them” Munthali said.

Yesterday morning, the delegation toured the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) as well as the Ministry of National Development Planning in Lusaka.

PMRC Executive Director, Bernadette Zulu, stressed the need for authorities to get input from as many people as possible in the planning stages so that the plan is owned by the people.

Zambia’s Department of  Development Planning Director, Mulele Maketo Mulele, said coming up with clear priorities and crafting an effective monitoring and evaluation tool are key in the national development planning process.

Council for Nongovernmental Organisations in Malawi Chairperson, Steve Duwa, said the visit would help them to have a clear understanding of the role of civil society in the national development planning process.

NPC’s mandate is to identify Malawi’s social and economic development priorities and formulate a national vision and strategy for social and economic goals, taking into account the country’s resource potential and comparative advantage.

The commission has a role of overseeing the implementation of long-term national vision and strategies, and medium term development plans.

NPC is also mandated to spearhead the formulation of innovative and progressive flagship projects in line with the national vision.

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