Malawi observes World Competition Day

Post was last updated: December 9, 2015

Malawi on Saturday commemorated the World Competition Day with a sensitisation event that was hosted by the Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) in Kasungu district.

The commission took advantage of the commemoration to sensitise people in Kasungu on unfair trading practices by traders and the need for consumers to stand up against the malpractices.

CFTC chief executive officer Wezzie Malonda said consumers and traders needs to be aware about fair trading regulations and report malpractices to relevant authorities.

“Pl ease report any cases of abuse of market power and the commission will accordingly deal with those matters,” she told the gathering.

She said it was the responsibility of the commission to ensure fair trading on the market and to protect consumers from any misconduct by traders.

Malonda s a id the commission has so far successfully investigated various cases on unfair trading practices and that remedial measures have been provided.

Kasungu Municipal Council principal administration officer, Thomas Mwafongo, said the council will not sit down and watch any trader abusing the market by exploiting competitors or consumers.

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