Malawi Posts Corporation performance bothers committee

Malawi Posts Corporation performance bothers committee

Post was last updated: November 18, 2020

The Parliamentary Committee on Media, Information and Communication has expressed concern over performance of the Malawi Posts Corporation (MPC) which it says leaves a lot to be desired.

The committee visited MPC’s offices at Njuli and Limbe, where its members engaged with staff.

During the visits, the struggles of business operations at MPC were exposed, as staff members at Njuli Post Office revealed that monthly revenue at the branch is not in excess of K25, 000.00, way below its monthly operations budget.

Chairperson of the Committee, Aboo Naliwa, said the corporation was still using traditional ways to operate a business in the digital era.

He then urged MPC to consider recapitalising and become business-oriented.

“We have observed that MPC is using manual operations as compared to the digital and electronic way of doing things.

“Malawi is becoming technologically advanced, and for the corporation to work manually in this era, it’s hard for them to make profits. The Limbe Post Office is the only place making a reasonable profit. MPC needs to capitalise on the digital world,” he said.

MPC Business Development and Marketing Manager, Harold Msusa, acknowledged the problems the company was facing.

“For a while, we have not had a positive story but we are trying to adapt to the current dynamics of the world. Letters are no more as we are in the digital era. Therefore, as a company, we are now focusing on making the digital platform a driver of business. If we do not do that, then we can fold and pack our bags as an institution,” he said.

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