MCCCI bemoans lack of research in businesses

Post was last updated: January 8, 2016

The Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has expressed concern over low uptake of research and development among firms in Malawi’s private sector.

In its 2015 Malawi Business Climate Survey, MCCCI observes that research and development are not much integrated in the day to day operations of businesses in the country.

MCCCI says, however, that in a competitive and yet increasingly uncertain market, research and development are the basis of survival and success on which businesses have to lean on to gain a competitive edge.

“It is a basis of improvements by innovation needed for survival in the local and international market,” reads the MCCCI report, in part.

An analysis of the use of research findings by businesses suggests a declining trend on the importance research findings have on business enterprises’ growth.

The report further shows that the level of new technology absorption remains low among firms.

MCCCI further says in the report that an essential aspect of innovation is collaboration on technology flows and innovations with suppliers, competitors, clients, universities and research organisations.

“This enables the spread and novel combination of ideas, spread risks, propagate skills and builds critical mass, hence lowering costs by enabling sharing of these resources in addition to resources of finance and equipment without each enterprise investing in each aspect on itself,” reads the report.

According to MCCCI, although there is a good percentage of firms that collaborate extensively with others in the areas of technology flows, there is still a good portion that does not pool resources with others at all.

“This indicates that there is room for technology absorption if effective collaboration on technology flows are formed in the quest to improve business operations,” says MCCCI in the report.

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