MCTU joins MHRC in labour justice audit

MCTU joins MHRC in labour justice audit

Post was last updated: March 5, 2020

The Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) has joined the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) in conducting a labour rights audit in the country.

On Tuesday, MHRC called upon all workers in Malawi whose rights have been violated in one way or another to report such matters to the institution by March 11 2020.

In a statement Wednesday, MCTU hailed MHRC for kick-starting the initiative and said it will help the rights body in exposing some of the labour rights violations.

“For this reason, MCTU, the body that represents workers in Malawi, is calling upon all workers and especially those in the foreign dominated companies and organisations covering such sub-sectors as: domestic workers; shop attendants in Chinese, Indian, Nigerian and other shops; construction, security services and indeed any other sector to take advantage of the labour justice audit sanctioned by MHRC to come out and report any labour rights violations inflicted on them without any fear of reprisal or whatsoever,” reads the statement signed by MCTU Secretary General, Denis Kalekeni.

According to Kalekeni, the violations would include non-compliance to minimum wage which is now at K35,000 per month tax free, prolonged working hours without payment of overtime thereon, sexual harassment at work place, corporal punishment or showering of insults and any type of demeaning sentiments against employees.

Other violations include suppression of freedom of assembly and freedom to voluntarily form or join a trade union, unfair dismissal, discrimination and stigmatisation of any kind, be it in deeds or words.

“MCTU is also calling upon all workers who may feel insecure to reveal their identity to report their labour rights abuses to MHRC through MCTU so that we see how best such workers can be protected.

“MCTU wishes to assure that all workers who report any labour rights abuses in this audit are under full protection by law,” reads the statement in part.

MHRC said on Tuesday that the aim of the labour justice audit is to establish the extent to which foreign dominated companies and businesses comply with or fail to comply with human rights standards and principles in the treatment of the labour that they employ.

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