Minister lobbies for Tevet reforms

Post was last updated: December 30, 2016

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Emmanuel Fabiano, has called for more support towards improving delivery of technical education.

Speaking in Lilongwe during the Commonwealth Association of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Africa (Capa) conference, Fabiano said the technical and vocational education training system (Tevet) can only be effective if countries create an enabling environment for the training.

“Such an enabling environment can be achieved by, among other things, putting in place harmonised national Tevet policies, provision of adequate funds, and developing positive social attitudes towards training and enhanced management,” Fabiano said.

He said increased funding towards Tevet could increase the subsidy for needy students from less privileged households through loans and bursaries.

Fabiano called on governments in Africa to understand and accept that Tevet, just like other education programmes, needs investment.

“Tevet has significant returns, including the well-being of workers,enhanced productivity, international competitiveness and economic growth in the long term,” he said.

Capa Executive Board Chairman, Samuel Moyo, said the conference will help member countries to share experiences for the improvement of Tevet in the Commonwealth.

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