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Mo626 labelled most useless app –

Post was last updated: August 1, 2022

National Bank of Malawi’s  mo626 digital plus app has been labelled as the “most useless app” by customers and the bank has been urged to fix its app.

According to National Bank, the app enables customers to access their accounts and perform transitions from anywhere in the world. The bank says customers can use the app to check account balances, transfer funds, buy airtime and make international remittances, among others.

However, customers have complained that they are not able to use the app and some have said they deleted it from their phones after failing to use it.

“Congratulations to the mo626 digital plus app… it’s officially the most useless app in our phones. It just stops working and needs an update, after that it asks for new IMIE, the best one does is to call customer care…they promise to send a form…to fill then print, scan and send it back… Just too much…to make things worse, the email doesn’t reach your customer for days then customer care goes unanswered.  Muzitolele!,” one person wrote on National Bank’s Facebook page.

Commenting on the post, another person said: “A very good application indeed, each time I try to use it, it tells me to connect to the internet as if wandiona opanda bundle.”

Other customers wondered why they are deducted K2000 monthly service fee yet the app does not work.

“Straight, mwezi uli onse kudula 2000 yet the damn service doesn’t work.. useless,” one customer said.

Others , however, said the app works just fine and they have never had issues with it.

One person said: “Have used it for some time, I find it one of the most reliable bank apps, maybe there are other issues with your phone.”

Another said: “Well it’s been over a year since I installed, haven’t had any problems with it. All you need to do is to regularly update it on Google play store. I pay bills, transfer money, buy airtime/bundles. I don’t stay on queues for services anymore.”

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