More trade opportunities for Malawi

Post was last updated: November 16, 2016

China’s Huzhou City has called for more trade activities between the city and other countries, Malawi inclusive.

The call was made by the city’s Vice Mayor, Li Jianping, when he hosted 2016 machinery and electronic industry promotion and economic development for developing countries seminar participants to a banquet.

Li highlighted that Malawi has benefited from the city’s technology through a solar power project.

“Huzhou and Malawi have been engaged in trade since 2009 and with a trade volume of about $60 million in solar technology. Our city is advanced in technology and the rest of the cities in China acquire their technology form the city. This technology is also being exported to other countries,” he said.

Li said the city is an example of an ecological place.

“Huzhou City actively implements the strategies such as ecology and industry opening-up are dominant roles in development of the city, and coordinates the economic and social development and integrates the urban and r ur a l development.

“The economy and society of the city has been transformed and upgraded successfully and its comprehensive strengths have been improved in an all round way,” he said.

He said the city boosts its economic strength in industrial development, agriculture, foreign trade and development zone construction and science and technology.

Li said the agricultural modernisation level of the city continues to rank first.

“In 2015, Huzhou achieved a total output value in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery of 21.34 billion Yuan and per capita net income for rural residents of 24,410 Yuan, registering an increase of 1,1 percent and 9 percent respectively,” said Li.

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