NBS Bank launches ‘all in one account’

Post was last updated: April 3, 2017

Malawi Stock Exchange listed commercial bank, NBS Bank, has launched an all-in-one account which targets customers that do not have enough time to go to the bank.

The account targets eminent personalities in the society.

NBS Bank Head of Personal and Business Banking, Mercus Chigoga, said the caliber of the customers the bank is looking

for includes those with high disposable incomes, highly educated and are at home with technology.

“The description that fits our clientele is that of those people whose status matters most to them and they develop a strong sense of belonging to brands and products that enhance their image and social wellbeing.

“These are very busy people and very mobile,” Chigoga said.

He said NBS has come up with a solution for such clients by providing them with a smart account that does it all.

“This account manages complex financial needs of these customers, while the customers themselves focus on their other crucial things.

“The account is for salaried as well as business individuals with a minimum of K500,000 monthly turnover, leading a busy life but looking at making their money work hard for them,” he said.

Chigoga further explained that when a customer opens an ‘All in one account’, they receive a cheque book and when the balance reaches a certain threshold, a savings account interest rate automatically applies.

“When the balance equals or exceeds a call account threshold, the excess money automatically attracts a call account rate,” he said.

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