New health insurance firm enters the market

Post was last updated: April 24, 2018

A new health insurance firm, Central Health Medical Aid (CHMA), has entered the market raising hopes of improved quality health services in the country.

CHMA is a subsidiary of Central Health Limited, which has been providing medical services through clinics across the country.

Representatives of the company said they saw gaps in the provision of health insurance, especially in circumstances where people were denied insurance because of their age and nature of their ailments.

CHMA Client Relationship Manager, Susan Kampeni, said a scheme has been developed to offer improved health care to all people regardless of their condition.

“What we are offering is universal medical cover regardless of one’s income, age or preexisting condition. We will also provide our members with international referrals as well as emergency

air ambulance evacuations,” Kampeni said.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dan Namarika, said the coming of the new firm complements government efforts to ensure that every Malawian has access to health services.

He said that the government is currently planning to establish a national health insurance initiative to put every citizen on a health insurance scheme which allow them to contribute according to their income.

“We are very happy that such companies are being opened in the country because this will enhance access to quality health services among Malawians and as they indicate the charges are affordable to an average Malawian. Government will soon partner such companies under the National Health Insurance Initiative,” Namarika said.

The new firm has since partnered pay departments in all government and Christian Health Association of Malawi hospitals where its customers will be able to access health services.

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