Next development plan ready by December

Next development plan ready by December

Post was last updated: June 3, 2020

MUNTHALI—Malawians need a development plan that would be focused

The National Planning Commission (NPC), an institution mandated to formulate successor of the flopped long term national development blueprint, Vision 2020, said it has recorded a milestone in soliciting views to be incorporated into the next plan.

According to a roadmap of the crafting process, the successor development blueprint, National Transformation 2063, would be ready by end of this year.

The NPC has been soliciting views to be incorporated in the development plan, whose thematic focus is ‘inclusive wealth creation and self-reliance’

Views solicited this far, according to NPC Director General, Thomas Munthali, entails that the next blueprint would comprise three key pillars and seven enablers.

The pillars include productivity and commercialisation of agriculture, resource-based industrialisation and creation of secondary cities through urbanisation.

The key enablers a r e environmental sustainability, economic infrastructure, human capital development, private sector dynamism, enhanced public sector performance, effective governance systems and mindset change.

In an interview on Monday, Munthali said the input from stakeholders suggests that unlike Vision 2020, the National Transformation 2063 would be precise.

“Vision 2020 was good but was all over and never had a precise focus. From the views solicited, Malawians need a development plan that would be focused,” Munthali said.

Munthali said views point to the need for Malawi to change its development narrative — from poverty reduction to ‘spearheading wealth creation for all’ — if it is sustainably grow the economy.

He said the new narrative should be beyond survival basics to higher ‘wealth’ levels.

He, however, lamented low participation of women and the youth in the consultation process.

Economic professor at Chancellor College, Ben Kalua, said the plan would make no deference in shaping the country’s economic future unless there is a mindset change.

“The most important thing is political will. Other countries had similar development plans but in Malawi we failed to implement,” he said.

In an recent interview, Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Officer, Chancellor Kaferapanjira, said a shift in focus is ideal, especially when the ‘poverty alleviation’ agenda seems to have failed the country.

NPC’s mandate is to identify Malawi’s social and economic development priorities and formulate a national vision and strategy for social and economic goals, taking into account the country’s resource potential and comparative advantage.

The commission has a role of overseeing the implementation of long-term national vision and strategies, and medium — term development plans.

NPC is also mandated to spearhead the formulation of innovative and progressive flagship projects in line with the national vision.

Launched in 1998, Vision 2020 was developed to provide a guide towards sustainable national development in Malawi.

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