Planning Commission calls for collaboration

Post was last updated: March 31, 2018

The newly launched National Planning Commission (NPC) has said it intends to bring on board the private sector, civil society, parliamentarians, faith-based organisations and local think-tanks in championing social-economic development activities as mandated by government.

President Peter Mutharika recently unveiled the commission and the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III (MGDS III) in the administrative capital, Lilongwe.

NPC Chairperson, Richard Mkandawire, said the commission is committed to identifying quick wins that would generate the necessary national momentum and confidence.

“As a commission, we want to move the country away from the negative narrative, pessimism and sometimes outright cynicism that Malawi cannot be part of the Rising Africa narrative.

“Malawi has the human capital and untapped natural resources and has the potential to joining the Rising Africa narrative,” Mkandawire said.

He said, through the commission, they want to make it clear that days are gone when issues of development planning were orchestrated by donors.

“Malawi’s future development lies in the hands of all Malawians. Malawi’s transformation will not be parachuted from outside its borders. Malawi’s development will and has to be nurtured by its own people.

“As Malawians, we should not and never pretend to be Europeans, Americas or Chinese in our pursuit of our development agenda,” he said.

Mutharika established the commission to oversee the implementation of national strategies such as MGDS III.

Mkandawire added that, in relation to MGDS III, the commission will conduct reviews of its implementation and will work on coherence between the blueprint and other strategies developed at sector and local levels.

“In 2018, we will start localising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and translating the MGDS III into District Development Plans,” he said.

Recently, a development economist, Du Mhango, underscored the need for Malawi to have such a planning commission so that it plans social and economic development matters on behalf of government.

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