Reunion warns against fraudsters in accidents

Post was last updated: May 5, 2015

One of the insurance companies in the country, Reunion Insurance, has warned Malawians against dealing with some untrustworthy people who act as intermediaries in the process of claiming compensations after accidents.

Reunion Insurance Chief Executive Officer, Dorothy Chapeyama, said this on Friday when the staff of the now 10-year-old company donated two 5000-litre water tanks and other assorted items to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

Chapeyama said due to their helplessness and lack of insurance knowledge, many people who are involved in accidents are visited by tricksters who in the end claim and pocket compensations on behalf of the unsuspecting victims.

“We thought we could use our visit as a forum to create awareness as many people do not know how to present their claims when they are involved in an accident. Because of that there are people who visit them while in the hospital and cheat them. Those people are not insurance experts but they visit the injured people in the hospitals, telling them that they want to help them in sorting out the claims.

“But when the money for such claims is released, it does not reach the beneficiaries. If it does, then it is a small proportion. These people are fraudsters who want to reap from the pain of other people.

We are advising people to directly deal with insurance companies and not these intermediaries,” Chapeyama said. Reunion Insurance started its operations on May 3, 2005 and the donations are part of the company’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

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