Save, invest, firm tells young entrepreneurs

Post was last updated: October 30, 2019

NGWIRA—We want these one million people to start planning

Malawi can move out of the jaws of poverty if majority of the youth graduating from universities can venture into entrepreneurship for wealth creation and providing job opportunities for others.

This is according to the Chief Executive Officer of the Project Innovations Center (PIC), Kondwani Ngwira, who was speaking ahead of this year’s entrepreneurship financial literacy training scheduled for Saturday in Blantyre.

Ngwira is of the view that that Malawi being ranked 4th poorest nation in the world gives the youth a challenge to pursue wealth creation avenues to contribute to national economic development.

“We believe that if Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, it means the citizens have more work to do to develop the country. We strongly believe that Malawi is not poor but rather lack of information and determination of citizens to embrace wealth creation process,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ngwira said PIC plans to raise one million entrepreneurs in Malawi by 2025 who he said will stand and testify that a Malawi of sound businesses is possible.

“We want these one million people to start planning, saving and investing so that they can create businesses that will employ others,” Ngwira said.

He said so far, the firm has 320 graduates across Malawi who are part of the initiative.

At the seminar, participants will be drilled on procedures of starting a business, writing business proposals, producing a business plan and tips to getting funds for a business among other topics.

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