Seed quality key in horticulture—FOL

Seed quality key in horticulture—FOL

Post was last updated: September 1, 2020

KAPHELA—We have good varieties

By Martin Phiri:

Farmers Organization Limited (FOL) has encouraged farmers to use high quality seeds which are early maturing and fungicides resistant to enhance production of horticulture crops.

In an interview FOL Territory Manager for the Southern Region, Newman Kaphela, said farmers need to consider plant health and yield before deciding seeds to buy and sow.

“If farmers want to take farming as a business they need to use recommended seeds from reputable and licensed suppliers. FOL has various seeds most of which are early maturing and high yielding.

“For example, we have various FOL Starke Ayres vegetable varieties such as Tomato Star 9037 which is resistant to root knot nematode and fungal diseases. A farmer can keep harvesting this variety for more than three months,” Kaphela said.

He added that farmers should follow modern farming methods and adhere to advice from extension workers under government and FOL.

“Our training our approach was to sow the seeds in Palm Pit trays using growing media called Hygromix, soil used for sowing seeds. We sow the other seeds on the ground nursery bed, using normal soil. But the results on the seeds trays were perfect and easy to transplant as compared to those sown on the nursery bed,” he said.

FOL has various vegetable varieties which among others include Onion red Cleole, Onion Rosada, Cabbage, Tomato Rodade, Tomato Star 9009, Tomato Trinity and Tomato Star 9037.

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