SMEs upbeat on improved buss

SMEs upbeat on improved business plan set by new MCP Government

Post was last updated: July 1, 2020

MLOMBWA—The 60:40 law should be fulfilled

CHIUTSI—SMEs should be included

The Chamber for Small and Medium Enterprises has called on the government to consider including small and medium business operators in its plans to uplift the economy.

The chamber’s president, James Chiutsi, said in an interview that in the past, SME bodies were left out.

“We implore that SME associations should be involved in the development of policies that affect their growth, otherwise we have noted in parastatal boards that deal with SMEs that they do not include any representative from SME associations,” Chiutsi said.

He then applauded the new government on its plans to introduce a K75 billion loan to young entrepreneurs in the country.

Indigenous Business Association of Malawi (Ibam) president, Mike Mlombwa, reiterated on the need for the government to create police that would facilitate easy access to finance.

“We also want the 60:40 law, which says 60 percent of the government businesses should go to locally owned businesses,” Mlombwa added

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