South Africa expert dares local business captains

Post was last updated: April 3, 2019

By Taonga Sabola:

GRANGER—Leadership starts with selfleadership

South Africa-based leadership expert, Alex Granger, has challenged local business leaders to embrace change if their enterprises are to register growth in the dynamic operating environment.

Granger made the observation in Blantyre during a recent Corporate Executive’s Business Breakfast organised by the Bankers Association of Malawi (Bam) under the theme Future Proof Your Leadership.

Granger said it is undeniable that the wind of change is blowing across the face of the corporate world.

According to Granger, leadership is challenged to keep abreast with changing trends, adding that the top leadership hurdle that corporate leadership has to circumvent around is navigating through change.

He noted that the moment change is announced, there is a lot of denial, anger, confusion, depression and even crisis.

“But upon transcending beyond crisis, acceptance comes in and then new confidence is born in an organisation.’’

“Leadership further faces the challenge in identifying and communicating what really success looks like. Success is intangible. The 21st Century leadership stands at the crossroads as it has to manage a multi-generational workforce. Merging the millennials and the old generation poses significant challenges as their scope towards work is very different,” Granger said.

He added that leadership for corporate progress is leadership that creates an inspiring vision that inspires people and that manages delivery of the vision of the organisation.

Granger said leaders need to have the art to tell, sell, participate or delegate.

He said leadership is easily confused with charisma and position which is the inverse of what leadership is all about.

“Leadership starts with self-leadership which embodies self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficiency as ingredients that lead to influence and impact. Leaders that will stand the taste of time will be those that will not sacrifice exponential thinking on the basis of attaining short results as a result of incremental thinking.

“Incremental thinking delivers immediate results while exponential thinking delivers results that accelerate over time. Wrong expectations can lead teams to quit the exponential thinking too soon. When exponential thinking rises above incremental thinking, there comes in agility and control in a business,” Granger said.

Bam Chief Executive Officer, Violete Santhe, said her institution intends to make the Corporate Executives Business Breakfast an annual event.

She said the noble banking profession cannot afford to be stuck in the quagmire of archaic leadership policies and philosophies that are not in tandem with the dynamism of the modern world.

“As the financial services sector is undergoing rigorous changes technologically that are ever threatening the very survival of the sector, it is imperative that key leaders in all sectors are futuristic and well positioned to drive their entities through the turbulence of change,” Santhe said.

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