Sparc Systems to open in DR Congo

Post was last updated: November 14, 2016

Sparc Systems Limited has revealed plans to extend its services by a opening a branch in DR Congo early next year.

The company’s Managing Director, Wisely Phiri, said this is in line with his vision for Sparc Systems to grow the company to be the best ICT provider in Africa.

Sparc already has a branch in Rwanda.

“In line with this vision, we opened our technology hub in Rwanda in November last year. The technology hub is looking after East Africa markets. Now we want to venture into West Africa market and based on our research, DRC is a good fit to open our branch to be the technology hub for West Africa.

“Plans are at an advanced stage such that we should be opening the branch by March next year,” he said.

Phiri said Sparc Systems operates on enterprise space in ICT, adding that it has engineers certified on a global level with the manufacturers.

“Our engineers have done installations and offered services in a number of countries in Africa including Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sierra Leone, DRC and many more.

“Apart from South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius which are mature markets in ICT, most of the other African countries have the same problems.

There is lack of skills in ICT so when you come with your skills it becomes easier to break into the market,” he said.

However, Phiri admitted that culturally there were differences with Malawi and there was need for policies to safeguard local entrepreneurs.

“In Malawi when we see a foreigner (White man or Indian) we have much respect and love for them such that in doing business we prefer foreigners to fellow Malawian. In most of the other countries we have gone to you need locals to get business so you have to study their culture to survive.

“You are forced to employ locals into strategic positions to do business as they would rather give businesses to locals plus they have deliberate policies to promote locals where as in Malawi it’s the opposite. Foreigners are preferred in Malawi,” he said.

To ensure that Sparc Systems offer uncompromised quality services, Phiri said the firm employs people with minimum of qualification of degrees.

“We also train our engineers to the global level recommended by manufacturers.

“For example, in Malawi we are the only warranty service provider for IBM, and Lenovo and the only field delivery partner for Oracle and Sun Microsystems,” he said.

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