TNM launches 4.5G Long Term Evolution network

Post was last updated: September 4, 2017

Malawi Stock Exchange-listed TNM Plc has unveiled a 4.5G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network which promises to put Malawi at par with the rest of the developed world in as far as high-speed internet is concerned.

The coming of the 4.5 G LTE network follows the launch of 4G LTE in June 2016.

TNM Board Chairman, George Partridge, said the 4.5G LTE network delivers the fastest Internet speed seen in Malawi and many parts of the developed world.

Partridge said a 4.5G connection is up to five times faster than a 3G connection and offers subscribers both speed and reliability.

“If this was a marathon, we could say that the TNM network is the Usain Bolt of telecommunications in Malawi. Our network is unquestionably, the fastest mobile and IMS network in Malawi.

“The broad range of services and products powered by the TNM network platform now make it possible for businesses and individuals to maximise their productivity and to operate with unprecedented levels of speed and efficiency,” Partridge said.

He said his firm has invested over K22 billion in network upgrades to deliver a super-fast, secure, reliable experience for customers, enabling improved business connectivity services, media streaming, messaging services, downloads and more.

Partridge said the improvements underpin TNM’s innovative new product and service offerings, with a portfolio which will continue to expand.

“Any business looking to unlock greater operational efficiency and overall productivity should look no further than TNM as their ICT partner.

“The stage has been set for every business in Malawi, big and small, to enjoy a better digital experience as we continue to place our customers at the heart of our innovation,” Partridge said.

Information and Communication Technology Minister, Nicholas Dausi, hailed TNM for bringing the 4.5G LTE technology to Malawi.

Dausi said the launch comes at a time when both business and personal life across the world are increasingly becoming more dependent on the internet and digital applications.

“Today, we have come to appreciate that Malawi is also part of the global Digital Transformation movement and that, with TNM as an enabler of this, we will begin to achieve the integration of digital technology into all areas of our businesses.

“This will inevitably result in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to their customers. And, as the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, I can attest to the fact that Malawi is on the highway of transformation,” Dausi said.

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