Tobacco leaf quality key to fetching better prices – JTI Leaf Malawi official

Post was last updated: December 3, 2015

Tobacco growers in Malawi have to improve the quality of their leaf if the country’s tobacco is to remain competitive and fetch better prices on both local and international markets.

JTI Leaf Malawi corporate affairs and communications director, Antonio Vencesla said basing on research he conducted before coming to Malawi two months ago, Malawi’s leaf quality is said to be poorer compared to its neighbours like Mozambique which has started growing tobacco but is already catching up with Malawi.

“There is need to improve the quality of our tobacco. We need to ensure that growers follow the advice of leaf technicians,” he said Vencesla also said despite the anti-smoking campaigns and related legal frameworks, the tobacco industry is still registering a remarkable growth and has a promising future.

He said JTI Leaf Malawi is in Malawi to stay and that it will in addition to doing business also continue to invest in corporate social programmes for communities.

Vencesla held the same position at JTI global headquarters in Geneva Switzerland and has come in Malawi to replace Limbani Kakhome who was transferred to Geneva to take over Vencesla’s position.

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