Total hails women contribution to GDP

Post was last updated: March 13, 2018

Total Malawi Limited has said women bring diversity to society as compared to men, thereby contributing to economic growth.

This was said when the company donated sanitary pads to girls at Chisawani Primary School in Mpemba, Blantyre, as part of International Women’s Day celebrations.

Total Managing Director, Aegidia Schnepp, said 50 percent of Malawi’s population is below 15 years, most whom are girls.

She said it is, therefore, important that girls should be assisted for them to stay in school.

“Most girls drop out of school because they lack essentials when they are menstruating. As Total, we want to see to it that girls remain in school,” she said.

Schnepp said women bring diversity as compared to men and they also contribute a lot to families.

“Diversity is very important. So if we give up on half of the population of the country, then we just miss half of the good ideas, energy and half of all the good things that can happen in a country.

One of the pupils at the school, Monica Yesaya, said she was excited to receive sanitary pads from Total.

She said most girls at the school cannot afford to buy the pads; hence, they drop out of school.

“These pads will help us to concentrate on our education and stay in school,” she said.

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