Treasury happy with budget performance

Post was last updated: December 15, 2015

The Ministry of Finance says performance of Malawi’s national budget has been fairly satisfactory, despite a general shortfall in resources which resulted into various challenges in the delivery of some key public services.

Ministry of Finance spokesperson, Nations Msowoya, said in the last five months, the government has been able to implement some large programmes as planned for in the budget, citing the successful procurement of maize from Zambia to supplement food supplies on the market.

He said the government has also launched results of the geological airborne survey as planned.

Msowoya said government has been able to maintain macroeconomic stability amidst so many externals shocks.

“The government has managed to stay on course,” he said.

He said the government is currently working on having a successful review programme with the IMF Extended Credit Facility (ECF) and hopes for a better yield following the onset of the rains.

“With the onset of the rains, we are optimistic that the country will realise a good harvest which will spur economic growth further,” said Msowoya.

On water and electricity challenges prevailing in the country, Msowoya said the government will continue to implement programmes aimed at addressing problems in the two utility services.

He said the government has placed mining and agroprocessing as key priority areas in efforts to diversify the economy.

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